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“Passion & know-how” are the basic elements of our services

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GPS Global is recognized by its customers for superior logistics solutions that make their business flow. With a strong focus on mainly niche markets including Live Entertainment and Automotive Logistics.

GPS Global are innovators in tour planning, freight management, cargo transportation and shipping literally anything, anywhere at any time. This unique logistics service is the product of over 25 years experience. GPS Global manages a network of the highest quality cargo agencies all over the world. GPS Global is the initiator of a network of Motorsport & Automotive forwarders. This neutral network has a combined experience and knowledge of over 30 years and is represented on all continents. The power of our networks lies in the independency of its members. They are driven by unique solutions with remarkable experience, financially strong companies with a high level of transparency.GPS Global offers you worldwide support and logistical coverage. An experienced and inventive team looks for the most suitable, effective, efficient and secure solutions. Integrated in our service package is our personal attention and guidance in the operational process.