Automotive Logistics

We offers you worldwide support and logistical coverage.

    • Transamericana express 2015
    • Ferrari on the move!

Over the last 15 years, GPS Global developed itself into the market of car, motorcycle and race logistics. And also in the specialised road, air and sea transport of vehicles for events and exhibitions. GPS Global offers you worldwide support and logistical coverage.
In the area of events like car shows, exhibitions, auctions and exchanges, GPS Global has a huge experience in proper supplying unique vehicles to their stands. Within Europe GPS Global has specific transport means for this purpose.

GPS Global is supplying the total logistical chain to several international race teams, Musea, Auction houses and Promotion events.

For our customers we offer complete solutions including the specialised transport of the racecars and transport of spare parts. Also complete charters are available. GPS GPS has permanent access to most circuits. Transport of motorcycles is in principle identical to car transports. However, for safety reasons GPS has developed special transport frames. These frames are build to fit motorcycles of all makes in sea containers or on airplane pallets (ULD’s).


  • Closed, air suspension double-deck trailers accommodated with a lift
  • Export documents such as, ATA carnet and temporarily import and export
  • Experienced and certified Dangerous Goods specialists
  • Guided transports per road, air and sea
  • Delivery into paddock or exhibition stand
  • Secured storage

Unique Selling Points:

  • Relationship with our customers
  • Multi Service Management
  • Global Motorpor Logistics Network

Motorsport Logistic Network

GPS (Global Pieter Smit) is the initiator of a network of motor sport logistic forwarders. We have developed this Global Pieter Smit network the last 3 years. Now it has a combined experience and knowledge of over 25 years and is represented in West Europe (gateway Amsterdam/Rotterdam), the UK, the USA, South America, Australia, the Middle East (gateway Dubai), South Africa and Japan.
In conclusion:
An impressive track record with full dedication and commitment to its customers!

The power of our network lies in the independency of its members. They are small but financially strong companies with a high level of transparency. They are driven by the motorsport segment and have a high standard level of quality.

In conclusion: 
An impressive track record with full dedication and commitment to its customers!